Toxic Torts

Kaplan, Massamillo & Andrews, LLC has a wealth of experience defending real and perceived toxic tort claims made against clients operating in a diverse range of service and manufacturing industries. The Firm’s attorneys are skilled in confronting the complex issues involved in this type of litigation in court and administrative proceedings across the country. The Firm has handled hundreds of cases from small matters involving a single plaintiff, to cases involving groups or communities of people alleging a common toxic exposure, to government enforcement actions.

In addition to mass tort litigation arising out of bodily injury claims, our lawyers have defended actions for property damage arising from claims based on nuisance, trespass, and federal statutory liability theories. As a result, we have experience in virtually all types of toxic tort litigation. The Firm is supported by excellent staff with specialized training and experience in identifying and organizing key information from the vast quantities of factual materials produced in the discovery process to provide timely and cost effective information needed by experts, clients and to the court during litigation.

Within the field of toxic tort litigation, the firm routinely handles matters involving:

  • Hazardous Materials Spills
  • Aerial Applicators
  • Chemical Drift - Agricultural and Livestock
  • Groundwater, Surface Water and other Environmental Contamination
  • Site Monitoring and Remediation
  • Multiple Chemical Exposure and Radiation
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Insurance Coverage for Environmental Claims